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Apple event predictions

My predictions for the Apple event:

  • Cocktail will be HD audio and video packages that can be played on the new iPods
  • Camera’s on all iPods (not on the shuffle though)
  • New software update for current iPhone/iPod Touch, perhaps even with interface overhaul
  • iTunes update
  • perhaps a Nano with some sort of touch screen? Kind of like a bridge between the current Nano and the iPod Touch/iPhone; see this, Nano’s with larger screens

Speculation on secret Apple Leopard features: iPhone streaming?

A lot of tech blogs are reporting that Apple’s new OS, codenamed Leopard, will be delayed (Gizmodo, AppleInsider, ars technica). Some claim it is because of Vista support in bootcamp, others claim it is because of the ‘secret features’. I’ve been trying to imagine what these features could be, and it could be pretty exciting.

I bet one of them is a new GUI style: I’ve read rumors (Apple Gazette via Mac Rumors) of a new interface style some time ago, and I think this is a good possibility for Apple to beat Vista on one of it’s nicer features, the Aero Glass interface. Besides, the current ‘Aqua’ theme has been around for a while, so I think it’s time for something fresh.

The second thing I’ve been imagining is the compatibility with the iPhone. On this part Apple could pull some very nice features: what about a sideshow-like feature, where you can use the wifi connection of the iPhone to browse your Mac? Or what about wireless streaming of media content to the iPhone’s built in iPod? This feature would obviously be a solution for the very limited storage capacity in the iPhone, which is in my opinion one of its weaker points.

I would like to stress that this is pure speculation, based on what I would like to see and what could be possible given the things we know about these unreleased products.

iPhone to use induction charging?

AppleInsider: “Apple may turn to induction for iPod docking, charging”

Interesting, since induction charging is absolutely the way we will charge mobile products in the future. I’m glad to see Apple be one of the first to actually show interest in the technique. Some other companies (Splashpower, Ltd. is one of them) are working on it, but since they don’t provide the killer device to be charged, they may be less succesfull than Apple.

Steve Jobs: “Thoughts On Music”

In this article posted on, Steve Jobs explains whose fault it is that Apple sells DRM-protected content.

iPhone shuffle?

iPhone Shuffle: Life is Random

Gizmodo: More iPhone Mockups…

modular = good

I like it when things get modular, it looks cool and in this case, there are some other advantages as well (read the article).
Electrolux nFridge Modular Concept (Gizmodo)

Edit: This concept is actually quite old, it was in the 2004 list of Finalists on the Electrolux DesignLab competition.

Multi-Touch to revolutionize personal computing?

I like this idea on AppleGazette: SPECULATION: 5 Ways Apple will use Multi-Touch to Change Computing