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modular = good

I like it when things get modular, it looks cool and in this case, there are some other advantages as well (read the article).
Electrolux nFridge Modular Concept (Gizmodo)

Edit: This concept is actually quite old, it was in the 2004 list of Finalists on the Electrolux DesignLab competition.


Multi-Touch to revolutionize personal computing?

I like this idea on AppleGazette: SPECULATION: 5 Ways Apple will use Multi-Touch to Change Computing

iPod Shuffle comes in colors

Yesterday, Apple released color versions of their popular iPod Shuffle music player. I like the new orange color, it wouldn’t surprise me if this color will be added to the nano color options as well.

iPod Shuffle now in color

iPod Shuffle on

Downloadable high-res images

Gizmodo: Apple iPod shuffle in Color, Like 1GB MP3 Playing Skittles

Engadget: iPod shuffle — now with color

On a sidenote: what’s all the fuss with the nano and the shuffle, when all we really want is a widescreen video iPod with HDD?

iPod or iPhone?

Both Gizmodo and MacRecon posted interesting articles on this subject: how will the next generation of the regular iPod look, and how will it compare to the newly released iPhone?

Gizmodo: How Will the iPod be Affected by the iPhone?

MacRecon: Why you should wait for the new iPod, not the iPhone

Hello world!

Hi there, and welcome to my shiny new blog. I’ll be posting links, pictures and comments here. The main purpose is for me to remember nice things I come across on the web. I’ll also use it to write down notes and ideas about things that interest me. I hope some of you will find my writings interesting, but that’s not the main purpose of this blog.